10 Signs its time to end a friendship

You may ask questions like;

“How do I end friendship?”

“What will happen if I end friendship?

The truth is that you are the manager and driver of your life. Nothing will absolutely happen when you end friendship.


Friendship is number one thing in life everyone cannot do without.

Everyone on earth loves to relate with people and make friends in one way or the other.

It may be because of shared interest that pushes one to enter into friendship. But as time goes on, you discover that things are no longer working as they ought to.

You begin to ask yourself some certain questions like;

“Should I really continue with this friendship?

“What may be the reason behind the changes in our friendship?

“If I should end this friendship, what ways or how do I do it?

“What will be the implication of ending this friendship? and so on.

The truth is that you need no permission from anyone in other to end a friendship.

The power and the decision lies with you. And it is left for you to decide who stays and who goes.


They are 10 signs that shows is time to end a friendship.

10 Signs that shows is time to end friendship.

1. The friendship is not balanced:

picture of the signs that shows is time to end friendship.


Every friendship ought not to be one sided.

“One person is benefiting and the other person is not” It is a parasitic friendship.

Friendship ought to be something the two individuals benefits from each other. But when one person receives all the benefits, it is bad and needs to be ended.

How can you be the one loosing in a friendship. You make all your efforts to see that the friendship becomes successful but to no avail.



2. You are an option to him/her:

Any friend that takes or sees you as an option is not worth being with you.

You make him/her your priority but you are an option to him/her.

You need to end friendship that makes you an option to your partner.

You cannot be showing concern for someone who don’t even value you let alone of making you his/her priority.




3. They add no value to your life:

Every friendship ought to contribute something positive to your life.

You don’t just become friends for fun sake. You become friends in other to make positive impact in each other.

But when it is contrary to this, you have to end the friendship.





4. He/she Often ignore you:

The most painful thing that can happen to you is to be ignored by a friend.

Someone you gave the whole of your heart. A person you are ready to do anything for.

When you call him/her, he/she doesn’t pick or return your call.

You make every effort to know the cause of the problem but he/she walks away in silence.






5. They show no concern for you:

End a friendship that contributes nothing to your life.

Friendship is not a place where one person takes care of the other person only. It ought to be mutual depending on each person’s capacity.

When you discover that your friend has no concern for you because of selfishness, end the friendship.

To end a friendship because a friend has no concern for you is not a crime.

It is something you need to do and you are answerable to no one.





6. He/she often abuse you:

Receiving abuses from your friend is a sign of bad friendship.

A true friend respects you. He/she is happy when you are . And also sad when you are sad.

End a friendship that is full of abuses either mentally, sexually etc.





7. You get drained after spending time together:

Your friend ought to be someone that makes you happy whenever you are with him/her and not someone that takes away your energy and joy after spending time together.

The major reason for that may be because of his/her actions or attitude towards you whenever you are together.

End a friendship that does this to you.







8. You don’t trust each other anymore:

Trust is the major thing for building and developing friendship. But when it departs, such friendship cannot continue.

You need to end a friendship not because you are afraid of your friend from hurting you but because you no longer trust each other and such friendship is of no value anymore.







9. They expose your secrets:

A true friend ought to be one’s confidant. Someone you trust and can easily share your secrets with without him/her exposing it to others.

But when your friend is in the habit of exposing your secrets, it is a sign that shows you should end the friendship.






10. You no longer enjoy the friendship:

Anything that takes away your happiness or joy is not worth doing.

When you no longer enjoy your friendship with your friend, it is a sign that shows you should end it.

You meet people, you make friends with them and you ought to be happy with them. But if it is contrary to this, end the friendship.




In Conclusion:

You are the manager and the driver of your life.

You choose who stays and who goes.

Learn to end a friendship that adds no value to your life.

A friendship that has zero contributions in your life is not worth being in.

Therefore, cutoff every friend that has the above mentioned signs.

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