How to Cope With Depression in a Relationship

Being with a depressed partner can be so frustrating. Depression in a Relationship is one of the hardest thing to cope with.

Someone with depression is often upset, unhappy or sad and a times with low self-esteem.

Depression ruins a Relationship. When you are constantly sad, sorrowful or have these feelings of dejection, you may not likely enjoy your Relationship.

They are some symptoms or signs that shows you are suffering from depression. These signs of anxiety are capable of ruining your Relationship. To have a healthy relationship, you must deal with depression.

Depression is a psychiatric disorder. It needs some helpful tips and even medical attention in other to overcome it. Below are the signs that shows you are suffering from depression in your relationship.

Symptoms of Depression in a Relationship

Below are the symptoms of depression in the life of your partner.

  • Constant Sadness or Unhappiness
  • Feelings of dejection
  • Constant worries
  • Low self-esteem
  • Weakness of the body
  • Lack of interest in certain activities, etc.

1. Constant Sadness or Unhappiness:

A depressed partner can never put on a smile when he/she is passing through this difficult situation. If he/she is happy before, their mood will suddenly change.

Sadness is to depression. If you notice that your partner is always unhappy, he/she is depressed.

2. Feelings of dejection:

A depressed mind feels rejected and abandoned. It is a common feeling attached to depression. When you are dating a man or woman with depression, you will most of the time notice some dis-attachment from him/her. You won’t be able to connect with them emotionally.

A lover with depression often feel downhearted or rejected.

3. Low Self-esteem:

Another symptom of depression in a relationship is low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is an emotional problem. You feel like you are not worthy to do certain things or take certain actions.

4. Weakness of the body:

Depression makes one weak. When you are depressed you automatically become drained. No energy will be left in you. It is another sign of depression.

5. Apathy (Lack of interest)

Depressed people often loose interest in certain activities. Because there is no joy in you, you won’t feel the same way others feel.

Causes of Depression in a Relationship

They are several things that can make one depressed in a relationship. Below are the reasons for depression in the life of your partner.

1. Lack of Trust:

Lack of trust in a Relationship is capable of making any Couple depressed. Trust is a very vital thing in every healthy Relationships.

When there is breach of trust, depression comes in. Depression cannot be in a Relationship where there is trust. In other words, when you stop trusting your partner, you are directly hurting their feelings. The next thing they will do is to feel bad about themself.

2. Unfaithfulness:

Another thing that amounts to depression is unfaithfulness. This Relationship problem brings anxiety and other bad feelings in a Relationship.

When you realize that your partner is cheating on you, what happens next? You feel bad about yourself.

3. Lack of Love in a Relationship:

A Romantic Relationship is full of love. When love desert from a Relationship, depression comes in.

Maybe when you started dating, your partner had been so nice to you. But now, the Relationship is full of abuse. It amounts to depression.

4. Having a Different Opinion:

Another thing that causes depression in a Relationship is having a different opinion on a particular issue. It takes understanding to handle this type of issue (diverse opinions).

If you and your partner are not emotionally mature (when it comes to communication), having a different point of view from that of your partner can cause depression when your partner feels like his/her opinion is not valued.

How to deal with Depression

Anxiety is capable of ruining your love life. Here are the various ways to handle or cope with depression.

1. Identify the problem:

The first step to dealing with depression is to identify the cause of your depression. Know why you are depressed.

It may be any of the cause of depression mentioned above or any other internal problem.

In other to identify the cause of your depression, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I feel this way?
  • When did this feeling (anxiety or depression) started?
  • How did it started? and
  • Where did it began?

2. Find Help:

The next step to take after identifying the cause of your problem (depression) is to look for a solution to the problem.

If the reason why you are sad is because of your Partner’s attitude towards you, then do the followings:

  • Distract yourself by watching funny movies or interesting books.
  • Stop thinking about the problem.
  • Discuss the issues with your partner.
  • Go out with friends. etc.

If your problem is different from the ones mentioned above, then you can decide to visit a Therapist for help.

3. Make Yourself Happy:

You are responsible for your happiness. Make out time to socialize with friends.

When you are depressed, look for things that will make you happy. Don’t remain in sad mood.

You can socialize with friends, watch movies, etc just to make yourself happy.


Depression is a mood disorder that causes a continues or persistent feelings of dejection and loss of interest-Mayo Clinic.

Having a negative feeling about yourself is the major outcome of depression.

Anxiety is capable of destroying a relationship. A relationship with a depressed partner can be so boring, but with the help of the tips discussed above, you will be able to deal or cope with depression in your Relationship.

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