5 Major Difference Between Dating and Relationship

Dating and Relationship are two different things most people likely interchange. How do you differentiate dating from relationship?

Dating is a way of looking at the other person’s potentials for a more meaningful, longer relationship.

It is a romantic involvement but it does not routinely involve sex

On the other side, Relationship means the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.

Is dating a romantic Relationship? Explain

Dating describes a relationship between two people who are romantically attracted and committed to knowing each other in socially enjoyable wags.

Dating Vs Relationship? 5 Differences

#1. Dating Lacks Commitment:

One major difference between dating and relationship is that dating lacks commitment.

Whereas dating has nothing to do with commitment, relationships has to do with being committed to each other. People in a relationship are committed and loyal to each other.

It is possible for you to be dating more than one person at a time. But it is very hard to be in more than one relationship at a time.

#2. Dating involves physical intimacy:

Another difference between dating and relationships is that dating involves physical intimacy but relationships has to do with more deeper intimacy.

You may be dating someone without being connected emotionally but relationships has to do with emotional connection.

It is only when you are emotionally connected that you will be able to love your partner.

#3. Dating is short termed:

The duration of dating can be 6 months but not usually more than 1 year. Whereas relationship can last for years.

#4. Dating is more associated with young people:

Relationships are meant for people who are emotionally mature to move to a more committed stage. On the other side, dating is likely for younger lovers who are not yet ready for a relationship but are willing to know each other.

Why do Young People Date?

Young people date for so many reasons. Some of these reasons are:

a. Socializing and developing communication skills.

b. Establishing friendships.

c. Companionship

d. Sharing experiences

e. Getting to understand each other.

f. Learning about new things.

g. Opportunity to know self and others better.

h. Sharing recreational activities.

#5. Dating allows you to know People:

According to Inspiring Tips, Dating allows you to meet many people who can potentially change how you see the world. Whereas relationship allows you to know someone deeper.

Relationship is all about deeper connection.

When does dating becomes Relationship?

Dating becomes relationship once the two individuals decide to move to a more committed stage.

Two persons may be dating without any intention of moving to a more committed stage. Once they decide to move to a more committed and dedicated stage, it becomes a relationship.


Dating , and Relationship are very necessary in every man’s life.

They teach us how to love ourselves first, others, and most importantly, how to interact with people.

Dating is the first stage to every relationship. You cannot have a relationship without first of all dating.

The major difference between these two confusing words is that, the later requires commitment but the former does not.

Dating introduces you to many people but relationships helps you to know a particular person deeper than you know before.

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