10 Tips on How to Build Trust in a Relationship

Here are the 10 ways on how to build trust in a relationship.

Trust is one of the key elements of a healthy relationship. And if you expect you and your partner to last longer, you need to build trust in a relationship. Without it, relationships can be difficult to grow and progress to a deeper level.

Building trust is something that often happens over a matter of years for different couples at different speeds. But there are ways to ensure that you have created a good atmosphere to build trust, and ways of avoiding obstacles.

Without trust, you can’t have a healthy relationship. And yet, nearly every one of us can remember a situation where our trust has been broken.

But first, how do we establish trust? How can we rebuild the trust that has been broken?

Why Is Trust So Important In A Relationship?

In order to have a deeply satisfying relationship between two people, they both have to be able to open up to the other. Both need to be prepared to be vulnerable to each other.

But if you don’t trust the other person or vice-versa, it can be difficult for your relationship. This makes no sense and most certainly it will lead to pain and disappointment.


If you want to build a relationship that will grow each of you at the deepest level, then trust is important.

So, while you want the other person to feel safe, you know that risk involves the kind of relationship that you want. We’re not meant to be happy with superficial relations.

But to go beyond that, both people have to give an effort to build trust in the relationship and the important things that matter in a relationship.

Is Trust More Important Than Love?

Although you may be eager to say that love is the most important part of a relationship. I would tell that in any relationship, romantic or not, it is the trust which is most important.

Take a moment to really consider this. Imagine a relationship without trust. You and your partner love each other a lot but you don’t completely trust them.

Now, how would you feel when they tell you they’re going to go on a business trip over the weekend? Did you feel like they work hard to give you a good life? Or would you think somebody from work is having an affair with them? You’d probably believe your partner is cheating on you.

You’re going to lose your peace of mind. You are going to start doubting them. You will need to search their computers and their phones. furthermore,you’re going to ask them a great many questions. You’ll have battles and complaints. And this will lead to the possible breakup of the relationship.

Fact about trust

Love without trust doesn’t look good at all. Is it?

A relationship can quickly turn into a nightmare if there is no trust therein. In other words, your relationship becomes more unhealthy, unstable, stressful and toxic.

Trust is key to thriving the relationship. Trust is important to live and to feel loved.Were you aware that lack of trust is why most people are leaving their relationships?

The Relationships Surveys Indicators 2011 claim the four main reasons cited for relationship breakdown were financial stress, communication difficulties, different expectations and values, and lack of trust. So, building trust is very important in every relationship.

Trust is the base on which the relationship survives life’s toughest seasons. A trust less relationship will never last a long time, no matter how much you love one another.

10 Tips To Build Trust In A Relationship

You’ve probably heard trust when it comes to the most important things in a relationship, and communication should come in at the top of that list.

While these are essential to a healthy relationship, none of these things happen immediately. You need to build them up, develop them, and then continue to work on them.

If you want to build trust in your relationship and you’ve never been to a relationship before, things can be a bit more complicated. You start from scratch, which can be a good thing and a difficult thing.

How to build trust in a Relationship once it is broken

In some people, learning to trust your partner can be easier than others. Some people are more naturally open and optimistic.

While others may be more cautious and have been hurt in their lives by others, so they have more self-protection layers. Every person is different. Intimacy is about being vulnerable to another and that needs trust.

Regardless of where you are in this continuum, this article will help you find ways how to build trust in your relationship. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

How to build Trust in a Relationship Again?

1# Learn how to communicate effectively with your partner

Poor communication is a major reason for breaking down relationships. Good communication involves being clear about what you committed to or did not commit to, and what was agreed upon.

Building trust is not easy without risk. In other words, helping you and your partner to show trustworthiness by taking risks.

Good communication is key to overcoming this. Without it, you may find it difficult to make your relationship grow stronger.

2# Don’t make promises if you can’t keep.

If you’re used to making promises and then breaking them, don’t be surprised if no one trusts you to keep your word even if the excuses you give every time you break a promise are true.

If your partner asks you to commit to the relationship, be upfront and admit it, maybe impossible to make a prior commitment.

When you think that you can’t do it, you better try to impress your partner by being matured and give the best in your relationship.

If you make the promise and are unable to keep the promise, you probably make your partner not to trust you anymore and doesn’t want to listen to you when you make an excuse.

And they will find it hard to trust you and your broken promise can be costly for them and difficult to forget.

How to gain a Man’s Trust?

3# Do not keep secrets amongst yourself.

You and your partner need to be very honest towards each other to build trust in a relationship. Any sincerity or lies lagged behind!

Trust needs honesty and openness. In other words, if you want your relationship to be full of trust, you don’t have to plan to keep secrets and be transparent to your partner.

To be a trusted partner, you have to be honest with your partner in all of your interactions and conversations. Building trust and keeping secrets in a relationship are mutually exclusive.

Keeping a secret can break up the relationship extremely quickly, so it is important to be truthful about issues that arise together or separately and to be straightforward.

Having an open mind about your partner allows him or her to reveal their deep dark secrets, which is a sign he or she believes in you.

How do you build Trust?

4# Take responsibility for your actions.

Another way on how to build trust in a relationship is to take responsibility for your actions.

Do not try to put the blame on a situation or your partner in other to develop trust in your relationship. Own up to your attitudes, behaviour, and bad actions.

When you try to cover up your mistakes people know you’re dishonest. You are showing your vulnerable side by being open and this helps build trust with other people.

It would also be a good idea to try and build relationship activities such as having fun together, exchanging a list of appreciation, thanking your partner to make both of you satisfied with your relationship.

And achieving mutual goals such as exercise, finances and professional achievement. These trust activities for couples will help establish mutual trust and also answer the question of how to overcome trust issues in a relationship.

How to build confidence?

5# Don’t threaten your partner.

One of the best tips I’ve ever got is not making decisions when you’re mad or making promises when you’re happy.

When you’re level-headed, try to make the decisions. If you make empty threats in your relationship when you’re angry or frustrated and threatening to break up with your partner, it will be difficult to build trust again.

On the other hand, under-promising and over-delivering are better than making a commitment you cannot keep.

Don’t try to scare the shit out of people, because it might get their attention for the few times but at last, they will start to get bored with your threat.

If your loved ones can’t trust you to believe what you say or to say what you mean, they won’t know when the words that come out of your mouth are safe to trust. To establish faith in your relationship, keep the promises you make. If you doubt if you can’t carry it, don’t make it.

How to gain your partner’s Trust again?

6# Do not rush to judgment.

You might not understand why something is important to your partner, but the matters are the fact that it is important. You have to value each other and the differences without prejudice before you can trust.

If someone else’s words or acts are different from your own in a specific case, it’s too tempting to take it personally.

However, if you want to learn how to build trust in a relationship, don’t leap to conclusions about the intentions of your partner, or their words and acts.

For their actions, you do not know the internal context, so avoid judging them out of your own internal context. Assigning your expressions and acts for their own definitions means that you don’t see them for what they are.

And jumping to judgment shows your partner that you think more about your own feelings than about knowing theirs.

How to develop confidence in your Partner?

7# Realize and make things right for your mistakes.

Don’t be too stubborn to apologize when you hurt someone and ask for forgiveness. Do what you can to correct your mistakes.

Know you’re a work in progress, have compassion for yourself. Do not allow your ego to get in the way trying to reconcile with anyone you hurt. You don’t always have to be correct all the time.

It’s better to encourage yourself to realize what you’ve done wrong, to apologize, make things right and move on.

Why do I mention making things right? This is important because your partner can trust you and get benefits from accepting your genuine apologies.

They have no obligation to pretend that what you have done is good, or that it doesn’t matter, or costs something. Try everything you can to make things right for the damage done.

How to Develop Trust and Love in a Relationship?

8# Obtain honesty and take time to listen.

Communicate regularly and do your part to be involved in the conversation by being an honest speaker and a good listener.

In creating the refuge of honesty and openness, you can both share your inner feelings without hesitation and fear of being judged.

Most of the strongest relationships are built on honesty and truth, so make sure you do it right.

How to develop trust in a Relationship

9# Resolve relationship issues together.

Trust your relationship and both of your ability to work together to solve the problems. Furthermore, you don’t have to let anybody else decide for you both. Never let them tell you what to do.

Also, make sure you don’t allow any of your Relationship problems ruin your relationship.

Having the power to fix anything that gets broken is a sign you can trust. To be the strength and refuge of your partner, especially during your relationship’s hardest times.

How do you build Trust?

10# Never lie, no matter how terrible the truth is.

Never lie to your partner if you want, he/her to believe you. Not just because you want to stop them from getting hurt. You also want to be completely happy in your relationship.

A love story based on lies can never last and this lesson has been learned by many the hard way.No matter how hurtful and heart-breaking the truth might be, you have to do it and say it out loud. In other words, put trust as your breastplate.


Building trust in a relationship isn’t an easy it.

Trust is one of those things you can’t easily gain. You must earn it and you must keep working on it every day of your life. More-so, it takes time to develop confidence in people.

Continuously maintaining trust is an important element in your relationship. Although it may sound exhausting, it’s not that hard. But as long as you value truth as much as you value love.

Keep in mind, happiness in a relationship depends not only on the amount of love you offer but also on important values such as trust loyalty and commitment is important.

And make sure you don’t take for granted any of these. Also, remember that nothing good comes so easily. Therefore, follow the 10 tips mentioned above in other to develop trust in your relationship.

Finally, have you ever had a broken trust in your relationship? Let us know what happened in the comment!

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