Loyalty in friendship “How to be a loyal friend”

Loyalty is a virtue for sustaining friendship.

In friendship, loyalty means the act of being supportive, trustworthy, and honest with your friend. A loyal friend is that friend who always stands by you when every other person abandons you. They are the type of friends who are not afraid to defend you in your absence. A friend who is loyal to you is that one person whom you may have arguments with or fight, and then, when you apologize to him/her, they still find a way to forgive you and move on with the friendship.

When you are at fault, they don’t hesitate to tell you that you are wrong. A loyal friend is that friend who chooses to love you even after hearing some negative things about you. They are the type of friends who helps you out in a time of trouble. Loyal friends are the ones who sacrifice their time, talent, and resources just to assist you. They are the friends who have your interest at heart first. A supportive friend is a friend who loves you unconditionally. They are the friends you can rely on even in difficult situations. In other words, they are ever faithful to you.

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The importance of loyalty in friendship

As I have stated earlier, loyalty is a virtue needed to sustain every friendship. The major reason why being loyal to your friend matters a lot is that it helps to develop confidence in someone.

An unfaithful friend can never be trusted. Loyalty helps to build trust in a relationship/friendship. It makes people, more especially your friends to rely on you.

Another importance of being loyal as a friend is that it brings respect. How? When you’ve won someone’s trust, probably your friend, you’ve equally attracted some respects to yourself.

A disloyal friend tends to be disrespected. If you are not loyal as a friend, your friends will always talk to you as they like. Why? Because you are not trustworthy.

Another importance of loyalty in a friendship is that it proves who you are. You cannot give what you don’t have. Rather, you give what you have inside of you.

Loyalty tells people about you. It tells them about the type of person you are. It is a virtue every true friend must possess.

Some characteristics of loyalty

Below are some examples of loyalty or the signs of loyalty.

1. Honesty

2. Obedience

3. Sacrifice

4. Being supportive

5. Being trustworthy

6. Unconditional love, etc.

How do you show loyalty to a friend?

1. Be supportive:

One way to be loyal to your friend is to support him/her at all times. Being supportive entails encouraging your friend whenever he/she is passing through a difficult situation. It must not be financed (money). Giving him/her some piece of advice is also a way of supporting them. Also, learn to make some sacrifices for your friend. It can be sacrificing your time, money, talent, or even by giving. It is another way to show loyalty to a friend.

2. Be trustworthy:

A loyal friend is a friend you can trust. Never you do anything that will make your friend (s) lose confidence in you. Build trust, for it is written, ‘He that is reliable in little things, more things shall be entrusted to him/her’. So, if you must be a loyal friend, then be trustworthy. Don’t say silly things in the absence of your friend. It will make everyone hate you and lose confidence in you. In summary, be honest. Honesty is the best policy.

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