7 Signs of an Unhappy Relationship and what to do about it.

In this post, you are going to learn the signs of an unhappy relationship, what to do when you are unhappy in a relationship, how to end the relationship or how to be happy again in your relationship.

What does it mean to be in an Unhappy Relationship?

When you start feeling dejected, worried and feel like you’re no longer enjoying your relationship or marriage, then you are not happy in the relationship.

Some couple fails to notice when their partner is not happy in a relationship. It is not obvious because your partner may be hiding his/her feelings from you.

Unhappiness in a relationship manifests in the form of constant worrying. You feel like your partner is no longer what they used to be at the beginning of the relationship. Although, you may not say it out, or show that you are worried. But inside of you, you are troubled. It simply means you are sad in the relationship.

When you are not happy in a relationship, you tend to focus more on your family, work and friends rather than on your partner or your relationship.

At times you get upset for no reason. Most times, you just feel like breaking up with your partner just to feel a sign of relief. All these are signs that show you are no longer happy in your relationship. A relationship that makes you sad is equivalent to an unhealthy relationship.

7 Signs of an Unhappy Relationship

  • You don’t open up to your partner anymore
  • Always upset for no just cause
  • You don’t think about your relationship/partner anymore
  • You focus more on your family/friends than on your relationship
  • No form of intimacy anymore
  • You become less appreciative
  • You are always depressed

How to know your partner is not happy in a Relationship?

#1. They don’t open up to you anymore:

One major way to know that someone is not happy in a relationship is when they suddenly stopped opening up to you. You are still living together as couple, but they don’t tell you everything. They just pretend to be fine, whereas, they are not. They are simply tired of the relationship.

Maybe they have been complaining all this while but you chose not to listen to them. Now, they choose to handle their unhappiness with the silent treatment. It is a sign that shows your partner is not happy in your relationship.

2. They get upset for no reason:

If you notice that your partner normally get upset for no just reason, then, he/she is no longer happy in the relationship. For instance, they get upset when you give them instruction on what to do. Their mind is no longer with you, that is why they get angry at any slightest provocation.

Most times, you will notice that they criticize you almost all the time. Inside of them, they just feel like they are no longer with the right person.

3. They suddenly stopped paying attention to you:

If you ever wonder why your partner suddenly stopped giving you his/her time and attention, its because they are sad. They don’t want to know anything about you anymore(about your welfare). They don’t even care if the relationship succeeds or not.

The feelings they have for you is gradually going down. And they don’t mind giving you a divorce note. The same thing is applicable to you if you are the one who is sad in a relationship.

4. He/she spends more time with friends than with you:

Another sign of an unhappy partner is that he/she spends more time with their family and friends than with you. They no longer communicate with you as they do before, but, they now prioritize their family and friends over you. They don’t care if you are happy or not. All these are the signs that tell your partner is unhappy in a relationship. The same thing is applicable to you if you are in an unhappy relationship.

5. Little or no form of intimacy exists between you and them:

Even if you indulge in sexual activities as a couple, you just do that to fulfil all righteousness. Spiritually, mentally and emotionally your partner has disconnected him/herself from you. No more tete a tete (love talk) as a couple. Intimacy suddenly dwindles, etc. You are no longer intimate with him/her as you used to be before.

6. No form of gratitude:

Another way to identify an unhappy partner or know when you are sad in a relationship is that you or your partner stopped being appreciative. You may not stop saying ‘thank you’ when he/she does something good for you. But inside of you, you are not enjoying the relationship anymore. The same thing is applicable to your partner if he/she is no longer happy in the relationship.

7. They are always depressed:

A sad partner is always depressed. You may not know that he/she is depressed. But if you are sensitive enough, you will notice it. Some of the signs of depression include – inability to work, study, eat, sleep, and enjoy life. So, if you notice your partner doing any of these, then he/she is sad.

Here are the best ways to deal with depression in a relationship.

Reasons why you can’t leave your unhappy relationship

1.Fear of what people will say

Most people refuse or can’t leave their unhappy relationship because of what people will say about them.

You are afraid of being criticized for breaking up with your partner. Maybe everyone around you know you are dating this person. You are now contemplating in your mind about what your friends, family or neighbours say about your breakup.

2. Fear of being single

Most people thought that if they ever leave their relationship, they will remain single forever. That is why some find it difficult to quit their relationship when things are no more going right.

3. You so much love your partner

Apart from the above mentioned points, another reason why you can’t leave your relationship may be because of the love you have for your partner.

For instance, some girlfriends find it difficult to leave their relationship when they are sad, simply because they so much love their boyfriend, or, they have a child in the relationship.

Genuine Love is a very deep emotion. It doesn’t fade away so quickly. So, it may be because of the love you have for your partner that has been holding you from breaking up with him/her.

What to do when you are unhappy in your relationship

#1. Discover the cause of your unhappiness:

Identifying the reason(s) why you are so unhappy in your relationship is the first step to regain your happiness.

Are you sad as a result of your partner’s attitude towards you? Or any other reason?

So, all you need to do is to sit down and think. Think and discover what is making you unhappy or what made you sad in the relationship.

2. Face the problem:

Another thing to do when you are unhappy in a relationship is to face the problem (the cause of your depression/sadness).

If it’s your partner’s attitude that is provoking you, talk to him/her. Let your partner know how you feel. Stop hiding your feelings. Discuss the problem with him/her and regain your happiness.

3. If you can’t cope, leave the relationship:

The final thing to do when you are in an unhappy relationship is to end the relationship. Assuming the first and second approach didn’t work for you, then you can go on and break up with yor partner.

Breaking up with your partner is not the end of your life. But what will usher you into another relationship. And maybe a happy one.

How to end unhappy relationship

Ending a relationship is not an easy thing at all. Below are the best ways to end a sad relationship without hurting your partner’s feelings.

1. Be determined to end the relationship for good:

The first way to end a sad relationship is to determine to end the relationship but for good.

Some end their relationship out of anger. Thereby creating enmity between them and their partner. It is very wrong. Do everything with love because you don’t know where you will meet your partner tomorrow.

2. Discuss the breakup with your partner:

The next step is to make your intention known to your partner.

Tell him/her that you are no longer interested in the relationship. But remember, don’t tell him/her in a lonely place to avoid rape or being beaten up. Do that in a public place. Preferably in a resturant or a bar.

3. Cease all forms of communication:

After ending the relationship, cease all forms of communication between you and your partner. Delete their contact and stop calling them.

4. Move into a new relationship if you can:

Start a new relationship if possible. Starting a new relationship means starting a new life with another partner. Be happy and learn to forget your past feelings in order to enjoy your present relationship.

How to be happy again in an unhappy relationship

Regaining your happiness in an unhappy relationship isn’t as difficult as you think. With constant practice of the points am going to share with you, you will be happy again in your relationship.

#1. Lay aside your past feelings:

Laying aside your past feelings is all about forgetting whatever that made you sad in the past. Maybe is the way your partner acts or treats you. Try and purge away those negative feelings by forgiving him/her. Here are the importance of forgiveness in a relationship.

2. Tell your partner:

Another way to regain your happiness in a relationship is to let your significant other know that you are not happy in the relationship. Stop hiding your feelings. Be open to them and tell him/her how you feel. It will help to rekindle your joy.

3. Socialize with friends:

Another way to start being happy again in your relationship is to have fun with your friends. Furthermore, distract yourself with some activities like watching funny videos, reading funny jokes, etc. It will help reduce the feelings of sadness.

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