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Is Your Relationship Over? 8 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back After Break up

Is your Relationship over yet? Breakup is not the end of a relationship as some ex do return after a while. They are some signs your ex will eventually come back after no contact for a long period of time.

Breakups suck. It is very painful to loose a lover after spending many years together.

After break up, you begin to imagine how they feel for you. Whether they will still come back to you or not.

You may even come up with some questions like; Was I the cause of the breakup? Will he/she ever return? What do I do to get him/her back? Does he/she still have feelings for me?

Here are signs your ex boyfriend or girlfriend may return even after breaking up with you.

signs your ex will eventually come back

Will Ex Ever Come Back? 8 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

#1. They Communicate You:

If your ex starts texting or calling you after a while of being apart, he/she is eventually thinking of coming back to you. It is assumed that when a relationship is over, communication between two lovers will eventually end. But when it is the opposite, it means your ex still want you. They initiate conversation and often respond quickly especially when you are chatting with him/her on the social media.

picture illustrating one of the signs your ex will eventually come back

#2. They Look for a way to meet you:

If you notice your ex asking you questions like; where are you now? Are you less busy now? etc. He/she is looking for an opportunity to meet you again. It may be to apologize to you or explain why the relationship failed.

#3. They Still Remember Your Birthday:

If your ex still remembers your birthday and even wish you well on that special day, they still like you. You may think the relationship is over but it is not yet, they still have interest in you. He/she may even decide to send you a gift. READ ALSO  15 Questions to ask your crush

picture of an ex boy friend who met his former girlfriend. Signs your ex will eventually come back

#4. They feel bad about themselves:

Another way to figure our whether your ex still like you or not is the way they react when they see you on the way. Does he/she frown, feel sad or even try to explain why they broke up with you? He/she is still interested in the relationship. According to Yourtango ” The process of returning to your ex is extremely difficult” They will always feel bad about themselves.

A girl texting her ex. Signs your ex will eventually come back

#5. They stay connected on the Social Media:

Social media has been a channel you can use to reach anyone so far they have an account. Although you have broken up with your crush, but he/she still have you as one of his/her friends either on facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, etc. It is a sign that shows the relationship is not yet over.

How do you tell if your Ex will come back?

#6. He/She treats You well even after the Breakup:

If your ex still respect you and treats you well even after separating from him/her, they are likely to come back.

When a relationship is completely over, some ex become rude and arrogant when they see their ex. But if it is not so, he/she is very sorry for what happened and will likely come back. See also Signs of pride in your relationship.

#7. He/She is still single:

If your relationship was over, your ex would have moved to a new relationship. If he/she is still single even after the breakup, he is likely to come back. It is a sign that shows they still love you and will like to continue with the relationship.

#8. They still have your belongings:

If your ex still have the gifts you bought for him/her when you were together, he/she still love you and will likely return after a while. One thing about breakup is that, when two lovers separate, they tend to do away with everything that belongs to their ex if the relationship is really over. But if you find out that your ex is still making use of the stuffs you bought for him/her, they still value you and will eventually return.

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