9 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back After Break up

Do you believe your ex will eventually come back? Let’s figure out some of the signs that mean you and your ex will get back together.

Do Exes even come back?

Yes, exes do come back. Most lovers reunite with their ex after a breakup. Although, only a few stay together in a healthy relationship, whereas others break up again after getting back together.

Most times, you don’t really need to wait for your ex to come back. If you want to reunite with your ex, why don’t you make the first move? He/she may be waiting for you to break the ice in order for them to return. So, figure out what you can do, in order to make your ex come back quickly. Here is our post on how to get back with your ex.

9 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

#1. They suddenly start communicating you:

The biggest sign your ex will come back is if he/she still gets in touch with you. Your ex still communicates you to know how you’ve been. It is a sign your ex will eventually come back.

That your ex still gets in touch with you, is a sign that he/she is missing you and regrets dumping you. So, if your ex starts texting or calling you after a long time of no contact, it means that he/she is thinking about you and will eventually come back.

When a relationship is over, it is assumed that there will be no form of communication that will exist between ex. But if your ex starts calling you again after a while, then, he/she still has feelings for you.

Another way your ex gets in touch with you can be online, either on Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. When you come online, they are always the first to chat with you, and will also respond as quickly as possible. It is a sign your ex secretly wants you back.

2. Your ex tries to meet you:

Another major sign your ex will eventually come back is if they are looking for a way to meet you again.

If they ask you questions like ” where are you now? Are you less busy? Do you mind if we go out on a date? etc.” These questions show that they’re looking for an opportunity to meet you again. He/she is trying to know whether you can settle everything and live together again. Your ex wants to know whether you will give him/her a second chance.

Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You

#3. He/she gets drained when you’re together:

Another way to figure out whether your ex will eventually come back is the way they react when they see you on the way or when you are together.

Does he/she frown or feel sad, tired or even try to explain why they broke up with you? If ‘YES’ then, he/she regrets dumping you, and is likely to come back.

When an ex is not over you, he or she will always feel bad whenever they see you. You can only notice that by the way they respond or act when you are together.

For instance, you may notice a kind of low self-esteem or you will notice that his/her tone is soft (soft speech) when you’ve finally met. It is an indicator that they might come back. He/she still have feelings for you and is regretting dumping you.

They are thinking about how to return in order to avoid being rejected. They simply believe that both of you can fix the relationship again. After all, there is no relationship without crisis. And they believe that every relationship problem has a solution.

The sign above clearly shows your ex is coming back very soon.

#4. Your ex still remembers your Birthday:

If your ex still remembers your birthday and even wish you well on that special day, they still love you and wants to reunite with you. It is a sign that shows your ex will eventually come back.

On your birthday, they may even be the first to wish you a happy birthday and may even go the extra mile to send you some birthday gifts. They may even have taken out time to draft a very nice birthday message, waiting for that special day (your birthday). This indicates that your relationship still has a chance. Perhaps, your ex is trying to make you forget the past so you can both live together again.

All these show that your ex still loves you. They have not left you in the friend zone. He/she is still thinking about you and will surely come back. Just exercise a little patience. If you notice any of the signs discussed above, cheer up, your ex is slowly coming back.

How do you know an Ex still love you?

#5. You are still friends on social media:

If you are still friends with your ex on social media, it’s another sign he/she has not abandoned you. They will later come back to you.

They get in touch with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Not only that, but they still like your posts and even comment on them, most times. They are still chatting or replying your text.

He/she texts you to know how your day went. They may even say or ask you questions like; longest time dear! Where have you been? I have not been seeing you online? Etc. All these are signs your ex still loves you. He/she is ready to come back. They may be waiting for you to make the first move.

How do you know if your ex will come back?

#6. He/she still treats you well:

If your ex still respects and treats you well even after breaking up with him or her, they still have feelings for you and might come back.

Although some ex becomes rude immediately their relationship fail. The next thing they do is to develop hatred for their ex. But if your ex still treats you well, they are still thinking about you and will come back.

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Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

#7. He/she is still single by now:

If your ex has moved into a new relationship, it simply means that they are done with you. But if he/she is still single by now, it may be that, they can’t just abandone you for another person.

If your relationship was really over, your ex would have moved into a new relationship by now. But as he or she is still single, it means your relationship is not yet over. Your ex will eventually come back.

#8. They still have your belongings:

The gifts you bought for your ex is still there. They have not burned them up. It is a sign that he/she will later come back.

They still wear the dress you bought for them when you were together. The pictures you snapped together, the wristwatch you bought for them, etc.

All these clearly show that your ex still values your gifts and He/she is ever ready to return to you sooner or later.

#9. He/she brings a flashback of your life with them:

If your ex brings a flashback of your life with them, it means they still love you. They’re currently missing you and really want to come back.

For instance, they still remember the good times you had together by sending you some of the pictures you snapped. It shows that they’re thinking about you and can’t stop loving you. It is a sign that you and your ex will get back sooner or later.

Signs Your Ex is never coming Back

Having seen the signs your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will eventually come back, let’s take a look at some of the signs your ex will not come back.

It is very unfortunate that some ex-boyfriend/girlfriend won’t even think of coming back after a breakup.

To them, the relationship is over. Therefore, there are no two ways about it.

In case you are trying to figure out the signs your ex is never coming back, the following signs will help you figure out if your relationship is over and your ex doesn’t want you anymore.

#1. They don’t care about you anymore:

Ever since you broke up with him/her, he/she has never called you even for a day. It is a sign your relationship is over between you and your ex.

Your ex doesn’t call you anymore, neither do they pick nor reply to your text. It shows they’re no more interested in dating you. They don’t want to know how you’re coping with the breakup. Whether you’re still single or not? and whether you want him/her back or not.

They have just decided to move on with their life. In other words, he/she is not even thinking of coming back to you. It is a very clear sign that you are not meant to be with your ex. He or she is no longer interested in the relationship.

Signs Your Ex Is No Longer Interested in You

#2. They have moved into a new Relationship:

When your ex is no longer interested in you or the relationship, they will simply start dating another person without even giving it a second thought.

To them, the relationship is over. Therefore, they have no option than to start a new relationship. All they need is someone that will make them happy again.

#3. They have returned your belongs:

When an ex decides to return everything you bought for them, it is a sign that he or she is never coming back to you. The relationship is over and they’re not ready to come back.

Although, some ex doesn’t return what you bought for them. Rather, they will stop using them. It clearly shows that they don’t like you anymore.

How do you know if your Ex will never come back?

#4. They block you on social media:

If your ex decides to block or unfriend you on social media, it is a sign that he or she is done with you. They are not coming back to you.

#5. They say ill things about you:

If your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend criticizes or says bad things about you, it shows they’re no longer interested in you. They’re not going to come back.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it shows your ex is never coming back after pulling away from you. No matter what you do, how you feel about them, they are over you. He/she doesn’t want you back. They’ve just decided to move on.

What may be holding your ex from coming back to you

There may be some obstacles that are holding your ex from returning to you. Below are some of those things that may discourage your ex from coming back.

#1. Fear:

Your ex may be afraid of being rejected, being criticized, etc. This may be the major thing that has been holding your ex from coming back.

2. Pride:

Your ex may be a proud person. He/she is not willing to swallow his/her pride and decide to come back to you. Here are the signs of pride in a relationship and how to deal with a proud partner.

3. Discouragement from friends:

Most times, some ex refuses to come back as a result of the advice they received from their friends. Their friends may tell them not to return in order not to appear as ‘being weak’.

What to consider and do if your Ex refuses to come back

It pains so much when an ex refuses to come back especially if you still have feelings for them. It reduces one’s self-esteem. In fact, your heart breaks the more when you remember your ex. But they are certain things you should consider if your ex refuses to return.

#1. Know that you’re not meant to be with them:

One who is meant for you will never abandon you no matter what.

Just bear it in mind that Love is not by force. You don’t have to force yourself on someone who doesn’t love you anymore. All you have to do is to move on with your life.

When your ex doesn’t want you anymore, don’t kill yourself. Just know that he or she is not the right person for you. Therefore, move on with your life and forget him or her. Wait patiently for the right person. He/she will surely come at the appointed time.

#2. Find yourself a new lover:

If your ex refused to return, find for yourself a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t allow that to depress you. He or she is not the only person in the world. Move into a new relationship and live a happy life again.

#3. Build Yourself:

I have said something about building oneself before on how to forget an ex.

Be the best of who you are. Don’t allow your present situation (break up) to affect your future or joy. After all, if your ex was meant for you, he or she would have stayed. But they left because they are not meant for you. So, just accept it that way.

Work on becoming a better person in your society. Never forget to start practising self-love. Start learning how to love yourself and be happy again.

3 Things You shouldn’t do if your ex refuses to return

The followings are the things you shouldn’t do if your ex refuses to come back.

#1. Don’t call him or her again:

If your ex has concluded that he/she is not willing to return, then, its time to stop calling or texting them. Show them that you can live without them. Cheer up and move on with your life!

#2. Don’t block him/her on social media if possible:

One major reason why you shouldn’t block your ex on social media is for him/her to see how happy and sound you are without them.

Post nice pictures and if possible tag them. It will only make them regret dumping you. It can even make him or her jealous.

So, don’t block your ex if he or she refuses to come back to you.

#3. Don’t pity yourself:

Self-pity or low self-esteem shouldn’t be seen in your life, simply because your ex abandoned you. See yourself like a queen or a king who deserves the honour.

Your ex wasn’t the best for you that is why he/she left. So, don’t feel ashamed of yourself or depressed. Just be happy and forget your ex.

Signs You and Your Ex are meant to be

How do you know you and your ex are meant to be?

Now you have known the signs your ex will eventually come back, they are signs that shows you and your ex are meant to be.

1. You are still close friends:

Although he or she is now your ex, your friendship is still tight. You have broken up with him or her but your friendship has not ended. It clearly shows you are meant to be.

2. You still love each other:

Do you still love each other? If ‘YES’, then, you are meant to be. Maybe as friends.

There is no how you will continue loving each other if your relationship or friendship is over. So, if you still have feelings for each other, it means, you are meant to be together.

3. You can’t stop thinking about Him or Her:

Your ex is always in your mind. You think about him/her always. It may be a sign that you are meant to be. Inside of you, you have these feelings that you cannot do without them (your ex). You have tried all your best to stop thinking about them but can’t. Maybe you’re meant to be together maybe as friends or lovers.

How to know if your ex is unhappy?

They are many ways you can figure out if your ex is unhappy or not.

Breakups pain as I have stated earlier. Everyone who has experienced it will tell you how tough it is to lose a loved one. So, below are some of the signs your ex is unhappy?

1. He/She does not pick nor return your calls:

If you have ever called your ex after breaking up with him or her and you noticed that he/she refused to pick nor return your calls, it simply means he/she is not happy with you.

When you text them on social media, they don’t reply. It shows they are not happy about how you broke up with them.

2. They stuck you on social media:

If after breaking up with your ex, he/she started acting awkwardly, then, they are not happy.

3. Ask their Friend(s):

Another way to know if your ex is happy is to ask his/her friends. They will be in a better position to tell you how your ex feels about you. Whether he/she is comfortable being single or not.


Know that your ex will eventually come back if you start noticing the signs discussed above. Although it may take time for he/she to return. You can’t predict how long an ex will stay before deciding to come back. You are not in their mind. Therefore, they will come back anytime they wish to return.

Your ex may be having sleepless night because of you. They may even be expecting to see you return. But with time, everything will happen as you expected.

It may be now or later that your ex will come back. It doesn’t matter how long it will take so far as you’re seeing the signs mentioned above. All you need to do is to exercise patience if you still love them. He/she will eventually come back.

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